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The Bird & Butterfly Inn

The Bird & Butterfly Inn

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A river runs through it … and right by us!

The Angelina River – A fascinating history and beautiful sight

Our Jasper Texas bed and breakfast is located on the banks of the Angelina River and when you stay at our Texas river lodging, we think you’ll love the views from our river view deck as much as we do. Our guests love to start the morning with a cup of coffee on the deck, or close out the day with a glass of wine to relax, watching the birds and catching the sun setting over the river. Despite all the trees on our property, we do get stunning sunsets on the Angelina – across the river, the trees are illuminated by the warm glow of the setting sun and usually at that time of the day the river is so still, you get an almost perfect mirror image of the trees on the water.

Sunset view from a Texas river cabin

The Angelina River has a fascinating history. It takes its name from a Native American woman who was influential during the early-18th century in our area. Fluent in Spanish and several Native American languages, she acted as a bridge between the local tribes and Spanish settlers, who called her Angelina. Her legacy of connection is celebrated by Angelina being the only woman in Texas to have a river, a national forest, and a county named after her. She left quite the mark on our area!

The winding path of the Angelina River flows for over a hundred miles before entering the northwestern most point of Lake Sam Rayburn and eventually crossing the dam that creates the Sam Rayburn Reservoir. Whether waterskiing, exploring the lake by boat or taking in a sunset from Overlook Park, Lake Sam Rayburn has something for everyone. And don’t forget about the fishing on the Angelina River and on Lake Sam Rayburn – it’s a huge hit year-round, drawing thousands of anglers. Lake Sam Rayburn is well-known as a top fishing destination!

A map of the Angelina River in Texas
A hammock and a view of the Angelina River from a Texas river cabin

Explore and play in the waters of Lake Sam Rayburn and relax at our Texas river cabins

With an average temperature of 87 degrees between May and September, Lake Sam Rayburn is the perfect place to beat the heat! Relax and swim by the shore, get adventurous with some water sports and boating adventures, or pack your fishing gear and see if you can catch dinner!

Ebenezer Park is one of our favorite spots on the lake to spend an afternoon. It’s also known for its horseback-riding trails, so you may even see a horse or two wading the shallow water, a classic Texas scene if there ever was one.

Views of the Angelina River – front and center at The Bird & Butterfly Inn

The 1901 Cabin has some of the best views of the river right from the back porch. It is an excellent spot for birdwatching, lunching at the picnic table, or just relaxing in the hammock. You may even spot a bald eagle or the pileated woodpecker – you’re sure to hear them, even if you don’t see them. In the evening, light the fire pit and enjoy a glass of wine, a nip of bourbon, or go G-rated and roast some marshmallows. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the moment.

The riverview deck is also a pretty special place to enjoy some river time. You’re sure to see cormorants both flying and swimming (they’re spectacular swimmers!), you’ll love watching our little kingfishers dive for dinner and come up with a fish and you might even be lucky enough to spy our otter, who has a den on the riverbank that’s readily seen from the deck. We have binoculars at the ready so you can get some close-up views of all the goings-on.

Deck with a table and two chairs and a view out onto the river

Book your stay at our East Texas bed and breakfast now and discover the beauty, fun, and magic of the Angelina River, a stone’s throw from our front porch.

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view of the entrance of the 1901 Cabin
Hats and pictures on the wall of the 1901 cabin
Pullman room bathroom with two sinks, lots of antique mirrors and a make up table
1901 Cabin - decoration details