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Ebenezer Park: Jasper’s natural oasis

With its sandy beaches, shaded hiking trails, and unique native wildlife, Ebenezer Park is perfect for an afternoon escape. Perched on the banks of Lake Sam Rayburn and surrounded by the Angelina National Forest, this outdoor oasis is a scenic escape with picturesque shorelines and towering pine trees. Spend the day exploring and soaking in all the natural beauty when you stay at our Texas bed and breakfast The Bird & Butterfly Inn.  

Ebenezer Park view

About Ebenezer Park 

Ebenezer Park is located about twenty-three miles northwest of Jasper proper on the southeastern shore of Lake Sam Rayburn. The recreation area, managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, sits within the Angelina and Sabine National Forests, areas that were commonly used for logging in the early twentieth century. Today, the park is the perfect place to spend the day outdoors fishing, hiking, swimming, birdwatching or even horseback riding.   

Ebenezer Park has a variety of amenities for outdoor activities. Enjoy a refreshing dip in Lake Sam Rayburn or even explore a trail on horseback. Boating is also welcome on the lake with a boat ramp located about four miles away at nearby Twin Dikes Park.  

Pack a picnic and enjoy an al fresco meal at one of the plentiful picnicking spots and shelters complete with outdoor grills. Most areas are shaded from the hot Texas sun the towering pine trees will help keep you cool while you enjoy the fresh air. If you need a larger area for a full group gathering, the park rents sizable shelters complete with lighting, electricity, and multiple grills.  

The natural beauty of Ebenezer Park 

From fishing in the waters of Lake Sam Rayburn to hiking through forest trails, there are plenty of ways to experience the natural beauty of Ebenezer Park. The Angelina National Forest has many wooded trails that can be explored on foot, mountain bike, or on horseback. The Ebenezer Park Loop will take you on a three-and-a-half-mile ride or walk through towering pine trees filled with abundant wildlife. The six-mile Beaver Pond Trail can be traversed on foot or on horseback for a peaceful trip along an old logging route. You’ll travel through a wetlands area where you’ll have the opportunity to see waterfowl and native flora like pitcher plants, colorful wildflowers and lush ferns. The full trail takes approximately two hours to complete, but the beautiful scenery is worth the journey.   

Grab your tackle box and cast your line for excellent fishing at Lake Sam Rayburn. Anglers can reel in a variety of fish throughout the year including bass, crappie and catfish. Come spring and summer, you’ll also be able to catch species like bluegill and sunfish.   

 During the warmer months, you’ll enjoy dipping your toes in the refreshing waters of the lake. Head down to the sandy shores of the swim beach, open from April 1 to Labor Day, and cool off and soak up some rays of Texas sunshine. You can even go for a swim with your horse, as many equestrian trails also offer beach access.   

Capturing memories: Ebenezer Park photos 

You’ll find plenty of picture-perfect opportunities in Ebenezer Park between, from beautiful landscape shots to abundant wildlife.  Travel into the Angelina National Forest to frame incredible shots between tall pine trees and greenery-covered ground, whether you’re traveling by foot or on horseback. Stealthy photographers may have the chance to capture unique wildlife on camera like wild turkeys and wrens to the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, who is occasionally seen exploring the trees. 

When you’ve completed your woodland shots, travel down to the shores of Lake Sam Rayburn for incredible waterside photography. Sandy beaches complete with gentle waves make beautiful landscape photos during a vibrant sunset, and wildlife watchers can expect to see a variety of waterfowl active throughout the day. Ready your camera and keep your eye out for all kinds of species like the colorful wood duck, the great blue heron or even the occasional white pelican.  

You’ll have the best opportunity to capture wildlife if you travel quietly and come prepared. Keep your camera handy and set it on a fast shutter speed if possible. Stay patient and remember to keep your distance to avoid disturbing wildlife and the surrounding ecosystem.  

Man photographer holding camera with telephoto lens in Ebenezer Park

Planning your visit 

Ebenezer Park is open year-round for daytime visitors and while the park is free to visit, expect a small fee if you plan to use a campsite for a daytime picnic.  Large groups are also welcome to reserve group shelters complete with electric hookups for a day-use fee. If you’re not planning to reserve a space, you’ll still be able to use most park amenities free of charge.   

If you’re an avid horseback rider, you can explore the equestrian trails free of charge or rent an equestrian campground for a break in between rides. The equestrian trails, known for being some of the most scenic trails in east Texas, have soft and sandy terrain so you can saddle up without worry. Thirteen equestrian campsites, complete with hitching posts and nearby corrals, are also available for day use if you need to rest in between trails.  

For a full day outdoors at Ebenezer Park, we recommend packing plenty of drinking water, a picnic lunch, sunscreen and some swim clothes. Hikers should have sturdy shoes and some bug spray for a bite-free walk through the forest. Whether you plan to swim, hike, ride or fish, just remember to explore responsibly and treat natural areas with respect to preserve the picturesque beauty of east Texas.     

Between peaceful nature trails and relaxed swimming beaches, you’ll find plenty of ways to spend the day outdoors at Ebenezer Park. Visit us at the Bird & Butterfly Inn to explore this picturesque recreation area and learn why so many praise the charm and beauty of east Texas.

Disclaimer: Always be sure to call or check the status of the park before visiting.

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