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The Bird & Butterfly Inn

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Jasper – The Butterfly Capital of Texas

If you’re looking for a comfortable stay nestled away in the woods, come to Jasper, Texas, and stay with us at our East Texas bed and breakfast. Want to know why Jasper is “The Butterfly Capital of Texas”? Jasper is one of three major flyways for the Monarch Butterfly (and many other butterfly and bird varieties) and in 2015, Governor Greg Abbott signed a House Resolution declaring Jasper “The Butterfly Capital of Texas”.

Our Jasper Texas bed and breakfast comprises eight wooded acres along the Angelina River, and we have lots of butterfly-attracting plants in our terraced landscape – you’ll soon see that we attract many different species of butterflies native to Texas. Sit at the base of the water feature, rest for a few minutes on the event deck, or relax on the viewing deck overlooking the river and see how many you can spot! Here are a few to get you started…

Popular butterfly species found in Jasper

Cloudless Sulphur, a butterfly species in Jasper, Texas

Cloudless sulfur

You will see bright yellow butterflies flying all around and these are known as “cloudless sulfur” butterflies. Everybody knows about the smell of sulfur but few people probably know that sulfur is yellow – these pretty butterflies take after the color of this compound. And as one of the most recognizable butterfly species in Texas, it was only fitting that we chose them as the butterfly for our logo. They’re real “social butterflies,” known for being very comfortable around people.

Common buckeye, a butterfly species in Jasper, Texas

Common Buckeye

You’ll also find the common buckeye, though it may be harder to notice in the woods with its brown coloration. Look closely and you’ll find spots of blue, magenta, orange, and even green near the tips of their wings.

Monarch Butterfly, a butterfly species in Jasper, Texas

Monarchs and Gulf Fritillaries

Monarch butterflies are another common sight on the property, and easily identifiable by their orange and black stripes.

Gulf Fritillary, a butterfly species in Jasper, Texas

Passion butterflies

Don’t get them confused with another orange and black butterfly, the gulf fritillaries, or passion butterflies, which have black spots, rather than stripes.

Red-spotted purple butterfly, a butterfly species in Jasper, Texas

Red-spotted purple butterfly

Keep an eye out for this beauty! Their wings are varying shades of iridescent blues and purples, often with orange spots near the wing tips.

Take a trip to the Jasper Arboretum and Outdoor Learning Center

For a chance to learn more about the wide variety of butterflies present in Jasper, head down to the Arboretum and Outdoor Learning Center, located a short 20-minute drive to town. With a 14-acre complex, the Arboretum has a little something for everyone! Check out the newly added butterfly house, open year round, with many different species of butterflies cared for by the Arboretum’s Master Naturalists. Enjoy the outdoors in one of their many gardens, including a greenhouse, rose garden, library garden, and butterfly garden with a meditation pond. Make a day of it and pack a lunch! The pergola in front of the greenhouse is a popular lunch spot for Jasper locals and visitors alike.

Historic Beaty-Orton House

If you’re headed to the arboretum, take time to drive by the Beaty-Orton house. Built in 1888, this carefully preserved Victorian-style home is a piece of Jasper’s history. As of April 2023, the building is closed for renovation, but you can still drive by, marvel at the architecture, and read the historical marker.

Historic Beaty-Orton House

Experience the Butterfly Festival of Jasper

Should you find yourself in the Jasper area in October, the Arboretum hosts a Butterfly Festival annually. Held the third Saturday of October, this event has food, music, arts & crafts opportunities, and exciting educational experiences. Enjoy a stroll through the Butterfly Gardens during one of the several butterfly releases throughout the day, celebrate the migration of the monarchs in Jasper (one of the main flyways of monarch migrations), or take a guided walk through the Butterfly House and learn to identify even more varieties of butterfly species! The Butterfly Festival is a fun and educational experience for people of all ages.

Book your stay at The Bird and Butterfly Inn today and experience the tranquility of The Butterfly Capital of Texas: Jasper.

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