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*NEW* outdoor kitchen and firepit under construction at our bed and breakfast in Texas!

Here at The Bird & Butterfly Inn, our bed and breakfast in Texas, we’re always looking for ways to improve our guest experience. As we talked about things we thought we would like to do at a property like ours, the ability to cook outside while sitting around the firepit was high on the list. Of course, we have grills and a firepit at the 1901 Cabin, but that’s not really a “community” space … so we decided to build one!

Step 1: Pour the concrete pad!

In addition to a pad for the outdoor kitchen and firepit (and Chuck’s crazy giant smoker), we also replaced the crushed granite walkway from the parking lot to the front door with concrete, and it’s a major improvement. We are in the woods so when you walk to the front door, look for some little deer footprints …

Step 2: Buy all the things!

In addition to the obvious stuff like grills, a sink and an outdoor-rated mini fridge, we had to get a propane tank (and we got a BIG one – 500 gallons!) and early in the process, we also found a super cool smoker. It’s also big, about 40” inside. You can smoke a lotttt of stuff in there ! For reference, it’s sitting on a 10’ pad. It’s B I G. It’s nicknamed “The Death Star.”

Step 3: Frame it up!

We have beautiful cedar posts framing the whole thing and now the roof’s on! The kitchen will have for two grills, a two-burner stove element, sink and outdoor mini-fridge. In the center of the pad, we’ll have a gas fire pit, perfect for gathering round on those chilly fall nights.

Construction in front of one of the rooms at our bed and breakfast in Texas
Our bed and breakfast in Texas undergoing some outdoor kitchen and firepit construction
Pathway being worked on to new Outdoor Kitchen
Giant smoker at our bed and breakfast in Texas
Another angle of our outdoor kitchen and firepit that's under construction
Our seating area under construction

Step 4: Add seating!

Chuck and our handyman friend Patrick have been busy busy, and the result so far is two of these 9×4 farm tables and benches, and we have plans for a third. I think they’re lovely ! Chuck says they’re so heavy that if we have a hurricane, we’ll just tie the house to these … eek.

Step 5: Add fire!

In the center of the pad there will be a firepit with seating for 8. We will also have two built-in benches on the side walls for additional seating. There will also be plenty of power, with two outlets on each side so that you can charge your phone, or a little speaker or whatever you need to charge!

How to book these amenities at our bed and breakfast in Texas

We’ll be adding both the outdoor kitchen and the farm tables to our reservations system so they can be booked by the hour and will potentially allow multiple guests to utilize the spaces each day. There will be a charge to rent the kitchen and/or the fire pit (gotta pay for that gas!) but if you’re just wanting to sit outside, either in the kitchen area or at the farm tables, there will be no charge but we will ask that you book it so that you can be assured of having the space when you want it.

We’re excited about these additions and look forward to announcing their completion – soon! Book your stay now at our East Texas bed and breakfast and come see everything for yourself!

Til then, all the best –

Mikelyn & Chuck

Yellow butterfly cutout


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view of the entrance of the 1901 Cabin
Hats and pictures on the wall of the 1901 cabin
Pullman room bathroom with two sinks, lots of antique mirrors and a make up table
1901 Cabin - decoration details