The Bird & Butterfly Inn

The Bird & Butterfly Inn

The Bird & Butterfly Inn

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Welcome To The Bird & Butterfly Inn

Hello friends!

Well, it’s been a heck of a five months … when Chuck purchased the property in May he knew he wanted to make a few improvements. Overall, the house was amazing so other than converting one room upstairs to a bed and bathroom and adding a laundry upstairs, the focus was on making the outside just as amazing.

Five months of contractors is a lot, even for the toughest constitution, and there were certainly some rough and frustrating days, not at all helped by the fact that all the projects were facing a hard deadline: the marketing photo shoot for the property. Delays with the decks forced the shoot to be pushed back a month but in the end it all managed to get done in time (even if the landscapers were driving away as Chuck pulled in the drive with the marketing crew to start the shoot – and yes, that really happened!). The result is nothing short of showstopping and the water feature is the centerpiece of it all.

The shoot was successful thanks to a handful of people who brought their time and significant talents to make it so.

Exterior of the Property with Water Feature
Water Feature closeup in Texas

Rebel Hood, Bobbie’s Bokay Florist (Jasper, TX)

We were thrilled to see the wedding deck achieve its purpose, beautifully festooned for a wedding.  Rebel and her team were onsite for days (!) decorating the deck and the big porch, and the day of the shoot she arrived with the most stunning wedding floral:  a gorgeous bridal bouquet, a knockout arrangement for the bar, lovely florals for the food table and the most charming arrangements for the stand-up tables in the living room.  It was her signature style and it was lovely.

Tall Wedding Tables set up for Cocktail Hour

Special thanks to Rhonda Griffin, who came through with (brand new!) chairs for the wedding setup on the deck, and the tables and linens for the reception shoot in the living room.  It all came together beautifully.

Texas Wedding Deck with Floral Arrangements
Bridal Bouquet on a dress in Texas Event Venue

The water feature is a real showstopper and it creates the perfect amount of water sound whether you’re on the porch, walking around, or sitting on the riverview deck.  Ryan’s stone yard provided a lot of inspiration and when he delivered literally tons (and tons and tons) of slabs, boulders and bins of Colorado river rocks, it was jawdropping.  And the result is equally so, to the point  that it’s a hallmark feature of the property now.  Ryan and his crew worked exceptionally hard to achieve it, and they did so while also being delightful to work  with throughout.

Honorable mentions

Faithful friend Ellen Kauffman – Thanks must be offered to Mikelyn’s long-time friend, who drove from far reaches to be onsite for the shoot and arrived with two days of food and her steamer, which was put to a surprising amount of use.  Always thoughtful and prepared, that Ellen.  Thank you!

The Three Musketeers; Linda, Liz and Kait
Linda Hayes of IJK Partners has been the guiding light almost since day one.  Coach, mentor, knower of all things B&B, she continues to prove how necessary she is practically every day.

Liz Hamilton of Maia Internet Consulting is our marketing guru. Smart, savvy and patient, she was onsite for the shoot and there was no job too big or too small.  It’s impossible to imagine it would have gone so smoothly without her.

Kait Ebinger of Kait Ebinger Photography – Kait was more than we could have imagined, and little needs to be said because the photos speak for themselves.  But she was a joy to work with and the photos are just gorgeous.

The food crew of Jamie and Kym
Jamie Bellomy – Did you see that wedding cake?  And the Italian Crème Cake?  All Jamie. She’s a favorite of ours, and her cakes are delicious!  Call us for her number!

Kym Kilcrease, Table 255 – Kym did an exceptional job putting together our “grazing table” for the wedding shoot, and putting together a spread that looked great and photographed even better!  Call us for her number!

Yellow butterfly cutout


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view of the entrance of the 1901 Cabin
Hats and pictures on the wall of the 1901 cabin
Pullman room bathroom with two sinks, lots of antique mirrors and a make up table
1901 Cabin - decoration details